Center for Hierarchical Materials Design

CHiMaD Research

CHiMaD is demonstrating the power and potential of bringing together data science, computational approaches and stat-of-art experiments to design materials ranging from cobalt alloys for bearing applications to polymers for photovoltaics. Our research efforts compass seven active use-case groups, two seed groups and multiple tool development efforts:

CHiMaD Use Case groups:
  • Low-Dimensional Nanoelectronic Materials [Lead PI: Mark Hersam (NU)]
  • Precipitation-Strengthened Alloys [Lead PIs: Gregory Olson (NU), David Dunand (NU)]
  • In-situ Si-Composite Materials (2014-2015) [Lead PI: Peter Voorhees (NU), in collaboration with Dow-Corning]
  • Directed Self-Assembly of Block Co-polymers Films for Lithographic Applications [Lead PI: Paul Nealey (UC)]
  • Soft Matter Design based on Charge Complexation [Lead PI: Matthew Tirrell (UC)]
  • Organic Bulk Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells [Lead PI: Luping Yu (UC)]
  • Polymer Matrix Materials [Lead PI: Kenneth Shull (NU)]

CHiMaD Seed groups:

  • Additive Manufacturing [Lead PI: Jian Cao (NU)]
  • Impact Mitigation [Lead PIs: Heinrich Jaeger (UC), Sidney Nagel (UC), Juan de Pablo (UC)]
  • Uncertainty Quantification of Thermodynamic Properties [Lead PI: Marius Stan (ANL)]

CHiMaD Tool groups & Facilities:
  • Data Mining [Lead PIs: Alok Choudhary (NU), Ankit Agrawal (NU)]
  • Phase Field Methods [Lead PIs: Olle Heinonen (ANL), Peter Voorhees (NU)]
  • Materials Data Facility (2015- ) [Lead PI: Ian Foster (UC/ANL)]
  • CHiMaD Data Efforts (2016- ) [Technical Lead: Laura Bartolo (NU)]
  • Metals Processing Facility (2016- ) [Technical Lead: Paul Adler (NU)]
  • Outreach [Technical Lead: Begum Gulsoy (NU)]

For a detailed explanation of our Center's research and outreach activities, please refer to our annual reports:
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