Center for Hierarchical Materials Design

One of the objectives of CHiMaD is to expand the knowledge of current and future generation of researchers and scientists by providing opportunities for them to explore and learn core computational materials engineering tools and methods. To facilitate this objective, CHiMaD has partnered with ASM International to provide a number of qualified undergraduate level Materials Science and Engineering programs in United States with ASM Materials Genome Toolset at a substantially reduced license fee. Over the next three years, as many as 12 licenses will be distributed to qualified programs. As a part of this initiative, the selected programs are expected to actively participate in the ASM Undergraduate Design Competition.

A pilot program is ongoing at Michigan Technological University (MTU). The program was initiated in 2011 when four MTU faculty (Mark Plictha, Steve Kempe, Paul Sanders, Doug Swensen) attended the annual Materials Design Project Symposium at Northwestern University (NU). The faculty then oversaw the integration of the concepts to MTU curricula by constructing a computational design studio at MTU in Fall 2011. The ASM Materials Genome Toolset was installed at MTU in Winter 2012. Since then, MTU students successfully competed in the 2012 ASM Undergraduate Design Competition.

ASM Materials Genome Toolset

TC Toolbox for MATLAB

TCFE + MOBFE (for steels)
TCAL + MOBAL (for Al-alloys)
TCNI + MOBNI (for Ni-alloys)
TCMG (for Mg-alloys)

For more information on how to submit a proposal for a license, please contact