Center for Hierarchical Materials Design

NIST-CHiMaD MGI Tools (Flyer)
Listing and summary of some of the MGI tools developed by NIST and CHiMaD
Materials Data Facility (MDF)
MDF is a data resource providing a simple way to publish, discover, and access materials datasets
Open Quantum Materials Database (OQMD)
OQMD is a high-throughput computational database of DFT-calculated thermodynamic and structural properties of materials
Polymer Property Predictor and Database (PPPdb)
PPPdb is a database of polymer interaction parameters and a tool to predict polymer properties and phase diagrams
Materials Resource Registry (MRR)
NIST MRR allows for registration of materials resources functioning as a federated service
NIST Materials Data Repository
This NIST-lead effort aims to establish data exchange protocols and mechanisms for share and reuse of materials data
NIST Schema Repository and Registry
This NIST-lead service aims to improve discovery, access and reuse of materials-related schemas, data models, ontologies and more.
Matminer is a Phyton library of tools to simplify the materials data mining process: accessing databases, building ML pipelines and visualization
Material Agnostic Platform for Informatics and Exploration (Magpie) is a tool to simplify creation of ML models from materials data
Phase Field Community Hub (PFHub)
PFHub is a community-based effort to provide benchmark problems to compare phase field codes and provide quality assurance
DFT database effort by NIST
Machine learning